The classic symptoms of diabetes are the symptoms of high blood sugar. Those symptoms are: someone could be hungry all of the time, they can have to urinate all of the time, they’re very thirsty, sometimes they will unexpectedly and unintentionally lose a lot of weight – those are the classic symptoms. But it’s really important for people to realize that you can have very high blood sugar and no symptoms at all. It’s one of those silent diseases. Even though you don’t have symptoms of diabetes, that doesn’t mean you don’t have diabetes and it doesn’t mean you’re not at risk of developing complications of high blood sugar. It’s really important for people to get tested and realize if they have it because it may be completely asymptomatic.

Doctor Profile

Merri Pendergrass, MD


Board Certified Endocrinologist
Professor of Medicine at the University of Arizona College of Medicine
Director of the Adult Diabetes Program

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