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Beyond Type 1

February 17, 2020


Beyond Type 1 is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to providing resources and programs for people with type 1 diabetes. The organization focuses on education, advocacy, research, and community to help make it easier for people to live with the condition. The organization does also provide some programs for people with type 2 diabetes.



The Beyond Type 1 website is visually appealing and well organized to help users find the information and resources they need. There is a section about diabetes where users can learn more about the different types and forms of the condition. The Resources section has a multitude of guides and tools to help users manage issues like mental health, diet, travel, exercise, and more. There is also a section for Programs where users can learn about the various efforts and a section for Stories that includes celebrities like Beyond Type 1 co-founder Nick Jonas.



Beyond Type 1 is a great place for people to learn about the various aspects of diabetes. In addition to detailed and engaging written answers and descriptions, there are videos with celebrities that help users learn about the ins and outs of the condition. Users can see the credentials of the people who review the content and the information is not limited to type 1 diabetes – there is also information about type 2 and other autoimmune disorders.



The Resources section of the Beyond Type 1 website features a wide variety of resources that can help people with a wide range of aspects of living with diabetes. Users can find resources to help them deal with diet, exercise, mental health, navigating school, and much more. All of the resources are provided in language that is easy to understand and helps users learn how to live a normal and great life with type 1 diabetes.



Beyond Type 1 sponsors a multitude of different programs to help people with diabetes. Among them are Snail Mail Club (a pen pal program for people and children with diabetes), Jerry The Bear (a toy bear that teaches kids about type 1 diabetes), school presentations (instructions and materials for educating classmates about type 1 diabetes), and much more.


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