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One Drop

Jun 26, 2019


While the newest isn’t always the best, both certainly apply to the recent release of the ‘One Drop’ diabetes management app. What good is a bunch of information if it’s not displayed in an easily comprehensible format for viewing or applying to your personal life with diabetes? That’s not a concern you’ll have with the App Store reviewed “Best New” app for managing the multiple facets of your diabetic health.



Make the only stop for your diabetes needs the ‘One Drop’ app. Featured in the App Store as “Best New,” One Drop gives a complete rundown of your diabetes health information including ‘glucose, meds, food & activity,’ ‘daily, weekly, & monthly stats,’ a ‘built-in food database and carb counter,’ and ‘news.’ The impressive compilation of features is only surpassed by the easy-to-use platform for using and understanding them. Available in Premium and Plus versions, as a free 124.7MB app, only compatible with iOS devices.

“The more you allow One Drop to monitor, the more it can assist you in setting personal goals and achieving them.”

Glucose, Meds, Food & Activity

The first thing you’ll see when viewing the functions of One Drop is the ‘glucose, meds, food & activity’ screen. While it may sound like too much information to be neatly organized in one place, trust the creators and reviewers–it has a minimal approach to multiple factors. You can scroll through your glucose levels, while also seeing how your medication, food intake, and daily activity affect your levels.


Daily, Weekly & Monthly Stats

Each day is a different struggle. You’ve come to recognize this over the course of your life with diabetes. However, when you don’t compare the successes or plateaus of individual days, it’s hard to see if progress is being made overall. This is the intention behind the ‘daily, weekly & monthly stats’ screen: to give you a glimpse into how well your stats are progressing over different periods of time.


Built-In Food & Database Counter

The ‘built-in food & database counter’ allows you to search foods, scan barcodes, and log your findings for easy meal preparation. After all, when you put good food into your body, you get good readings from your levels.


News and Community

One Drop gives you the power to stay informed on all the recent news concerning diabetes. Just switch to the ‘news’ screen and do some leisurely reading, whenever you please, and you just may find something that will change your life. The ‘community’ feature allows you to become acquainted with others using One Drop and share your experiences, questions, and feedback.


One Drop Premium and Plus

The Premium and Plus versions of One Drop offer additional advantages including One Drop Chrome: a Bluetooth glucose meter to sync your levels with the app. You’ll also receive test strips, delivered right to your door, and access to in-app chat with One Drop expert coaches 24/7, in real time.

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