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Forks Over Knives

Jun 26, 2019


Offering a similar approach to the Diabetes Recipes App, the inexpensive ($5) Forks Over Knives app helps maintain your health as you live with diabetes through step-by-step instructions for whole-food, plant-based recipes. However, the recipe portions are measured according to the metric system instead of the imperial system, so this app is slightly more difficult for those who are used to measuring in pounds and ounces.



Forks Over Knives is a unique app that provides you with easy recipes. It consists of diabetic and non-diabetic meals to suit different people in your household. For the recipes you want to use and prepare to maintain your health as you live with diabetes, Forks Over Knives gives you a handy ‘grocery list’ feature to shop for the ingredients you need. To expose your palate to various flavors and tastes, the app’s recipes are contributed by some of the world’s best chefs.

“The ‘list of recipes’ featured in Forks Over Knives can satisfy your diabetic health needs while also being appetizing for people who don’t have diabetes.”

List of Recipes

The comprehensive list of recipes includes diabetic and nondiabetic meals. This is the allure Forks Over Knives has to bring you and your loved ones together. You can use the app when preparing dinners for family or friends by looking up different dishes, some for people with and some for people without diabetes, making everyone happy at your dinner table. The contributed recipes by some of the world’s best chefs are sure to make it a happy dining experience.


Grocery List

Once you have selected a meal or multiple meals for a dinner from the ‘list of recipes’, you can take advantage of the ‘grocery list’ feature that details the specific items you need to prepare your meal(s). This grocery list makes the recipes more interactive, helping you pinpoint what you need, sending them to a built-in shopping list, and sorting the ingredients by aisle. You can even mark your favorites or add notes for easier shopping.

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Forks Over Knives

Offering a similar approach to the Diabetes Recipes App, the inexpensive ($5) Forks Over Knives app helps maintain your health as you live with diabetes through step-by-step instructions for whole-...

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