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Jun 26, 2019


In today’s modern world, the smart way to track your blood glucose levels is through a cloud-based server. Look no further; the free Dario app combines artificial intelligence with a personalized approach to manage your blood glucose levels.



Dario focuses on delivering accurate reports of your blood glucose levels with diabetes, but it roams into the technological territory of individualization with multiple additional features. The ‘diabetes snapshot’ delivers your blood glucose levels through a helpful chart to assess current status and a comparison of your levels in the past seven days. The ‘logbooks and charts’ features a carb-counting tool to keep track of every carb you consume.

“You can share your results with your chosen caregivers who will receive a hypoglycemic alert in the event of an emergency, including your tracked GPS location.”

Diabetes Snapshot

You’ll be well-informed of your current blood glucose levels through the ‘diabetes snapshot’ with a large, colorful display, featuring reports from the past seven days. This way, you can easily assess your blood glucose levels and how they’ve been progressing.


Logbooks and Charts

When it’s time to review your blood glucose levels in a more detailed approach, Dario’s ‘logbooks and charts’ accurately tracks your readings. The timeline, log, and charts sections provide an advanced account of how your activity and meals affect your blood glucose levels, even offering a useful carb-counting feature. You can stay on top of your blood glucose levels after every meal with Dario’s ‘post-meal reminders.’


Hypoglycemic Alerts and Caregivers

Alone, it’s hard to make progress in your struggle with diabetes. You don’t have to if you take advantage of Dario’s ‘caregivers’ option to add people you trust to share your blood glucose levels. If you choose to do so, you can even add the ‘hypoglycemic alert’ that will send a SMS text to four caregivers in the unfortunate event of a hypoglycemic alert. Dario works to ensure you’re well-informed, your information is securely stored in the cloud, and you have people who will be notified if you need them.

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In today’s modern world, the smart way to track your blood glucose levels is through a cloud-based server. Look no further; the free Dario app combines artificial intelligence with a personalized...

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