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10 Helpful Diabetes Apps: The Definitive Guide to Using Diabetes Apps in 2019

June 27, 2019

Living with diabetes can be difficult, so finding the best app to help you manage your condition is very important.


In 2015, a survey asked Americans what they thought about most on a daily basis. You may think it would be sex or even money. However, it turns out that what Americans think about more than anything else is food.


For a person with diabetes, thinking about food is not just about what you want to eat or when your next meal will be but it also entails tracking your sugar intake, keeping tabs on your diet, and figuring out how you can stay healthy while also enjoying your food.


Constantly worrying about diet and nutrition can be tiresome. Luckily, as technology has advanced, we now have easily accessible apps that facilitate day-to-day procedures and relieve the excess burdens that people with diabetes deal with on a daily basis.


What diabetes apps are available?


There are many apps available that will help you track your diet, and deciding which one to use can be difficult. Furthermore, there are all types of people dealing with diabetes who may have different needs, need different types of assistance, or track different metrics.


No single app is the end-all-be-all best app for diabetes. Below is a list of 10 useful diabetes apps and how they can help you manage your condition and live your best life.

1. Dario – Diabetes App for Android


Dario is an app that can work in tandem with Dario’s glucose tester. Though Dario’s glucose tester is not required to use the app, it does add a lot of functionality. If you want that extra functionality, it is not a big issue as many insurances can cover the price of Dario’s glucose tester. Dario’s glucose tester is very small and light-weight, making it very convenient to put in your pocket and go about your day.


On top of being able to test your blood glucose, the app also comes with all the standard tracking features of any other app for diabetes. Dario allows you to keep track of all your daily activities and nutritional intakes while also testing your blood glucose.



  • Full package app
  • Best diabetes app for Android
  • Glucose tester is very light weight
  • May be covered by insurance



  • To gain full functionality, you must get Dario’s glucose tester.

2. Glooko – A Diabetes Tracker App


Glooko is a subscription-based diabetes management platform built to keep track of all daily factors that influence your diabetes. Glooko is a useful diabetes tracker app because it syncs all the data from your BG meter, insulin pump, and/or CGM. The app also allows you to seamlessly track your medication, nutrition, and lifestyle data. It compiles all of the information that it tracks and then produces and displays intuitive graphs and charts for you to better visualize your current health status.


Another great feature of this diabetes tracker app is that you can easily share the information and data that the app collects with your physician. There is a feature within Glooko that will allow you to e-mail and/or fax your information to your doctor. This will allow them to better advise you on how to improve your lifestyle and give you support between your visits.



  • Helpful diabetes tracker app
  • Easy to share your data with your physician
  • Sync readings from 80+ BG meters, insulin pumps, and CGMs



  • Requires $5/month subscription
  • Bugs may sometimes take time to repair

3. Diabetes Recipe App – A Diabetes Recipe App


For people with diabetes who love to cook, the Diabetes Recipe App is a must-have. Using the app is just as simple and straightforward as its very descriptive name. The Diabetes Recipe App offers people with diabetes a massive list of diabetes-friendly recipes.


Many people with diabetes might adopt the ketogenic diet as it has been proven beneficial to your diabetic health. The ketogenic diet cuts out all carbohydrates and sugars, allowing your body to turn your body fat into energy. This diet could also help you lose weight if you so desire but it can come with a drawback: the ketogenic diet does not have a wide variety of foods for you to eat.


People who adopt the ketogenic diet often complain about the blandness of their food. This is where the Diabetes Recipe App can vastly improve the lifestyle of a person with diabetes. With its vast database of recipes, the app offers many options for you to cook a well-seasoned meal to avoid the bland nature of some diabetic diets. If you prefer to cook your meals, this app will prove to be very helpful.



  • Over 400 recipes for a healthy diet
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Free
  • New recipes updated on a weekly basis



  • Metric system with no in-app conversions

4. Fooducate – A Carb Counter App for people with diabetes


One of the most tiresome tasks when you have a health restricted diet is keeping track of your nutritional intake. For people with diabetes, the most notable daily nutrients to track are carbohydrates and sugars. Fooducate is an ideal carb counter app for people with diabetes who need to do that. Fooducate does a lot more than just count your carbs for you: the app will track all your food intake, exercise, sleep, mood, hunger levels, and more. It will help you keep track of your macros and assign a grade to any food you have eaten or are deciding to eat.


In addition to counting your carbs, Fooducate can also be used to maintain a given level of health and weight, or improve your health and lose weight if you so choose. Fooducate has a function that allows you to scan over 250,000 product barcodes and will give you a grade on the quality and nutrition of each food item.



  • Carb counter app for people with diabetes
  • Grades your food for you
  • Keeps track of your nutrition
  • Can be used to help you lose weight



  • None

5. Dexcom G6 – FitBit Diabetes App


With the release of the FitBit and other smart devices that are worn on the wrist, people have been able to track their health with much more convenience. Though you could keep track of your exercise and sleep through these smart devices, there was no FitBit Diabetes App until now. Dexcom G6 now has the ability to sync with your FitBit and/or smartwatch and has become the first FitBit Diabetes App available in the app store.


Dexcom G6 is in its infancy, so there are still a few things that need work. The app currently allows FitBit users to constantly monitor their glucose number with Dexcom G6’s Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM). Dexcom G6 is also an FDA-approved diabetes app. For people who have a Fitbit, this is a useful diabetes app for CGM.



  • Helpful FitBit Diabetes App for CGM
  • FDA Approved



  • Very basic function

6. Forks Over Knives – Diabetes Recipe App


Similar to the Diabetes Recipe App, Forks Over Knives will help you maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing taste. The main differences between the apps are (1) this one is not free and (2) all of the recipes are in the metric system – which makes it difficult to use for people in the U.S.


A key to maintaining a healthy diet is being able to cook your own meals and actually enjoy them, so Forks Over Knives is a very useful app for people with diabetes who need to keep a strict diet. New recipes are added each week with simple step-by-step instructions and even a grocery list so you can find the proper ingredients. Many of the top chefs in the world contribute recipes, so you can expect a variety of tastes and flavors.



  • Very comprehensive list of recipes (not limited to diabetic meals)
  • Allows you to maintain your diet without losing quality in the joy of food consumption



  • $5 app
  • Only uses the metric system

7. BlueStar Diabetes by WellDoc – FDA Approved Diabetes App


BlueStar is an award-winning, in-app diabetes coach that has been rated the #1 best diabetes app for type 2 diabetes. The app offers real-time coaching as you enter your blood glucose results and will also give you prompts for what to do next to help you stay on track with your health maintenance and improvements.


Bluestar also offers several recipes and syncs your fitness trackers, pharmacy lab, and patient portal. An FDA-Approved Diabetes app, this app is held to a much higher standard, so in the very rare event of a bug or glitch, the developers are very quick to fix it.



  • FDA-Approved Diabetes app
  • Real-time in-app coaching
  • Prompts to push you in the right path for your health



  • None. This app does everything it’s supposed to do and more.

8. OneTouch Reveal – LifeScan App


OneTouch Reveal is currently the #1 downloaded diabetes app in the U.S., helping over one million people around the world with their diabetes management. OneTouch Reveal works with the OneTouch Verio Flex meter, automatically transforming the data collected to compile your blood sugar with your food and insulin activities.


This LifeScan App will automatically send you notifications on your smartphone when it detects that you have anomalies in your pattern. The app has many goal tracking functionalities, allowing you to track and adjust your lifestyle in pursuit of health progress. The A1c comparator on the OneTouch Reveal app allows you to compare and contrast your A1c averages from your lab results to the average of your blood sugar readings over 90-day periods.



  • Lets you compare your day-to-day blood sugar to your lab results
  • Allows you to easily track your activities in respect to your blood sugar.
  • Automatically sends you notifications if blood patterns indicate that they are too high, too low, or too volatile.



  • None. This App does everything it is supposed to do.

9. RapidCalc Diabetes Manager – Diabetes Insulin Calculator App


There are only a few diabetes insulin calculator apps, but many of the others are simply inadequate. RapidCalc is supported by GlucoMen in UK and Ireland. For people with diabetes following a basal-bolus regimen, RapidCalc does a great job at calculating your bolus insulin dose.


RapidCalc has onboard tracking of insulin and automatically gives you the correct values when it suggests a dose based on your target blood glucose level, correction factors, and carbohydrate ratios. The app has been described as “pumping without a pump” as it gives users many of the benefits of an insulin pump and offers as much control over your insulin intake.



  • Diabetes Insulin Calculator App
  • Easy to use
  • Efficiently and accurately calculates your insulin
  • Lets you choose your units of measurement
  • Password-protected settings for pediatric use



  • $7.99 in the app store
  • There are free calculators in the app store that are marginally worse than this app; the price tag may or may not cover that difference depending on the buyer.

10. Diabetes Pilot Pro – Diabetes Pilot App


The Diabetes Pilot App is one of the older apps for diabetes but has been slowly losing out to the apps run by much bigger companies. Diabetes Pilot Pro is the new version of the Diabetes Pilot App which was discontinued due to upgrades in technology.


Unlike the Diabetes Pilot App, Diabetes Pilot Pro comes with many new features including the ability to sync all your tracked data with all your devices, iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. As it was once the best diabetes app, it is a very functional app for keeping track of your daily diabetic needs, but does not go above and beyond.



  • Very functional app
  • Very simple to use
  • Syncs with all your devices



  • Doesn’t have the added features many newer apps have

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